XD cards are no longer that popular, but I had a few with photos from my old camera. I travel days per month and I do need to utilize my smartcard upon occasion and the Surface doesn’t have a reader built in. I picked this up to replace a larger, bulkier cabled smartcard reader. Used with a micro SD card and my The design is excellent.

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Purchased to replace a 12 year old CAC reader that was shorting out. I nearly lost some very valuable footage I was transferring when it stopped mid-transfer. I normally take raw photos and this reader instantly loads the images as soon as I click on them. My Anker reader with caps lasted about 5 years and finally became little loose. However, if I had to state a negative, it would be that the item came with no instructions. Stays square to the usb port.

Military Smart Card Reader

This can roll around in a back pack, for example. It looks pretty slick, but more importantly, it’s very fast. Give me a break – it serves the purpose.

I have been using a more traditional style card reader for my military ID but one of my friends always bragged about their compact reader.


Hopefully this will last as much. Are you dragging it up the side of a mountain or something?

I use this daily and am having zero issues. I do use this on a Windows computer though for my Mac is still not able to use this device.

AU9362A21-MCL , AU9362 , USB Multiple Slots Flash Memory Card Reader

No need to install shady drivers, like with other readers. I have noticed they have also specifically noted that 5 “different” cards can work–I am slightly disappointed that the same card type cannot work at the same time, but I am delighted their customer service was so on-point.

I will let you know how it turns out. Another reason I chose this brand was the fact it offered a slot for my old XD cards. All in all pretty easy to install.

AU 데이터시트(PDF) – List of Unclassifed Manufacturers

Used with a micro SD card and my computer easily recognized it. I always am needing to get something printed off for work so this was a must for unclassified use of course, just incase NSA is reading this.

Used with a micro SD card and my Very nice combination of USB ports and smart card receptical. There’s a problem loading this menu right now.

Use it everyday for my military ID to sign into things and the card reader works great every time readdr i never have an issue with it. Nothing against that other readdr reader, as it works well, but this one travels easier. Military Smart Card Reader. I bought two of them, one for the road and one for home use. I didn’t have to download root certificates or multiple additional software to use this device.


It’s quite durable for its small size and it can easily be packed in anywhere without worrying about a cord. I read au99362 posting about flimsy plastic or whatever. Well made and not flimsy like these card readers usually are. I will say that I haven’t utilized any of the other media reader functionality of this, so I really cannot speak to that, but the size and the fact that it reads my smartcard without issue makes this a great gadget at a great price. Yes, I am sure most people who are getting this item realize ah9362 to look for the information on install but if not, look at MilitaryCAC.

The maker was very kind and offered a replacement.