Back side of Alienware M view large image. The accent rubber grips are also very sporty looking, giving a nice contrast to the conspiracy blue color. On the other side we have audio in, the coaxial connector, S-Video and the ingegrated 56K V. What happens is that it boots to the BIOS screen with the alien head, but then it freezes. The Aurora m is the world’s first 17″ SLI capable notebook and offers an unprecedented level of performance.

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We estimate this top-of-the-line machine — loaded with every bell and whistle known to man? Resources for IT Professionals. Alienware Aurora m Average Score: Not an IT pro? The physical feel and look of this notebook is first class and even the most ham-fisted gamer will look like a pro when gaming with the Aurora m Discussion in ‘ Alienware ‘ started by ichimeNov 26, The Cyborg Green m overshoots Alienware’s extraterrestrial design aspirations and lands in Kermit the Frog territory; we prefer the subtler Saucer Silver and Conspiracy Blue models.

Alienware showed us once again how a gaming notebook should be built through their design and performance. The right side has the headphone jack, mic jack, volume control knob, surround sound ports, optical port and a single USB 2.


It seems that either Windows 7 has an allergic reaction to this laptop, or the laptop is alergic to Windows 7. Do you already have an account? I did the same for my GS’s. I’m afraid i can’t see the pics, what was the 3dmark score and would you consider it safe to put two gtxs in with good thermal greasing? It seems that this was one of the engineering samples and testing was out of the question.

The Tech Lounge The aesthetics and engineering quality of this piercing blue laptop precede any perceivable faults.

chipsdt What happens is that it boots to the BIOS screen with the alien head, but then it freezes. Back side of Alienware M view large image.

Alienware delivers with one of the best looking screens I have seen. Hey Wyatt, I know its been quite sometime since your first post being at the beginning of the year. Mobility Guru Things are getting pretty exciting at MobilityGuru these days.

M9700 + Geforce 7950 GTX and ATi Radeon 3870…

After looking at all of the other sides of the notebooks it is obvious that there is no other side to put the optical drive, so here it must stay! Alienware M in Conspiracy Blue view large image. Wednesday, February 18, 2: The optical drive is located right in the center of the Alienware Aurora m97000 notebook, which is not the ideal location for those who often use the drive.


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Alienware Aurora m – AMD turion 64 ML GHz – Dual nVidia GS

Alienware Aurora m Notebook Features: The glossy paint resembles that of a car, and might even need some wax in the future! Also, I believe all m’s come with SoundMax audio rather than realtek. Add to this the notebook’s cool Alienware styling and you’ve at least got to consider buying one if you need a solidly performing mobile gaming or graphics computer.

Curiously can it handle ?

PC Mag Aside from Yoda in Star Wars, you rarely see green aliens in science-fiction movies anymore—these days, the color is more often applied to machines. Left side of the Alienware M view large image. Noise is kept to a minimum, while running games, the fans are certainly audible, but not annoyingly so. I have tried using both 32 and 64 bit Win7, I have also tried slipstreaming the latest generic nVidia drivers If chipse are looking for something portable, look else where.

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